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Sjaak van der Meer
3e Poellaan 103
2161 DL, Lisse, Netherlands
Phone+31252 225927

Import of the BiLock products to European market.

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BiLock Locking Systems
The BiLock line of high security locking cylinders was invented and patented worldwide to satisfy a higher standard for high security locks and keys. The BiLock system utilises a state-of-the-art innovative design that offers:
  • SIMPLICITY - for ease of use and a minimum of maintenance
  • DURABILITY - fewer moving parts and stronger keys
  • TAMPER RESISTANCE - high pick-resistance and a unique patented key system
  • FLEXIBILITY - Up to 16 million combinations in either standard or "Quick Change" cores
  • KEY CONTROL - patented key forming process is unique to the industry

The entire lock is self-contained within the one-half inch plug diameter. It includes two parallel rows of six pin tumblers with each row acting independently with its own side bar. The equivalent of two side bar locks in a one-half inch cylinder! Each side of the lock is operated separately by each half of the dual-bladed key. Both the lock mechanism and the key forming process are patented worldwide. Only the factory and authorised BiLock Service Centres can duplicate the keys.

The new "Quick Change" core now offers interchangeable core flexibility with the existing hardware. This is the most economical option for high-security and removable core flexibility. The BiLock "Quick Change" core can be removed from your hardware for maintenance or rekeying without disassembling the lock.

BiLock have now launched New Generation - This unique system utilises an extra locking bar together with a movable trigger located in the key. An investment in this system will give you key control security for many years.